Saturday, August 11, 2012

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 Our drawings. "What makes us happy"

 The man and I


Meeting new people is such an exciting adventure in itself that I'm starting to slowly get used to its spontaneity. I enjoy hosting others from different cultures, when they come I want to show them all the places I enjoy also; but still being slightly new I wonder at times if they show me more then I show them? Because of my newest guest I found two new amazing places ( I wouldn't have thought twice about them, if it was not for her) that I cant wait to now show others as well. Readers please meet Jinyuan, she is from Shanghai and she is possibly the most bubbliest girl I have yet to meet so far. Instantly when I picked her up I was received with a warm hug, a genuine smile, and a wonderful thank you. Very kind she was and also very patient with my lack of hosting experience too, she is so sweet she might as well give me cavities. I can only hope we continue to stay in touch.

Thank you so much Jinyuan, you were such a wonderful guest I am at a loss of words once more,  I can only hope I have the honor of meeting you in China! Till then I hope that only smiles and kindness come your way. 

-Skraps Inc. 

*Please note some pictures were taken by her and her camera as well as mine. 

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