Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Even with the help of exercise, work, art, and sewing I can't sleep.
I'm awake all night, relying on an hour or two nap during the afternoon.
I exercise, my body is sore. 
I'm physically tired, but mentally I'm still ready to do something. 
My mind is reeling, turning, winding like clock work. 
I wish I knew how to unwind.♥

If I'm lucky I sleep at 4am then wake up at 10am. 

How do you get to sleep at night?
I hear some people drink warm milk, and to be honest that doesn't sound appetizing. 
What about certain teas?
Any "rituals" one does before sleeping?
Do you have to turn everything off, or do some of you prefer a nightlight?
Do you prefer many pillows, one pillow, or none? 

-Skraps Inc. 


Friday, June 22, 2012

Work Out

Today my significant other asked if I would like to workout with him, as he has been going to the gym regularly; every Mon-Wed-Friday. He has been doing this for two weeks straight and the muscles he already had have improved even more so. Well I am still a bit hesitant but had given him the answer he wanted to hear yesterday, so now today I will go with him to the gym by his schedule. Because I agreed to his terms, a compromise was also made which is-We may go to the farmers market more, BUT we have to bike there so chalk that up for needing to buy a back basket for my bike.

I'm ok with this.  
I'm ok with biking to the zoo tomorrow too. 
I'll try hard to progress this in my blog, along with other snippets of my life. 
But I will admit, blogging is harder then it looks mostly because I need to remember to capture more moments too with my camera/phone.

Just the little things. 

-Skraps Inc. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012


I came back Saturday evening, I originally wanted to post random pictures of my trip in Vermont but I was so sick so I slept instead, but I will post them up by this week hopefully. But I'm honestly hoping to feel better by this Sat at the latest; an here I thought all the walking and mountain air would do me some good. (We walked so many hills, up and down and around. The house in fact was up a hill and knowing my luck it was the last one up too, thankfully the town was so small there was no real need for a car anyways.)

Things I did in Vermont.
  • Rooftop Dinners
  • Thrift
  • Picnic
  • River swimming
  • Knitted (I learned how to knit there)
  • Movie Night in a Museum
  • Shenanigans 
Some of those I have pictures of and some I sadly don't. Most of the time I rushed out of the house to do stuff last minute, things were never planned and rather spontaneous last minute ideas by my friend and her companions, in fact come to think of it nothing was planned but perhaps the picnic.