Sunday, March 24, 2013




Pictures belong to me (c) Skraps Inc.

Performing artists that night.

When I was younger I really never had a taste for Rap, Hip Hop, or even Pop Music, it didn't suit me and I didn't care for it much, I respected it but it just never made my 'must listen + add on playlist status'. I thought for the longest time I would just acknowledge it and grow up never bothering to listen to it, let alone give it a second chance. An yet here I am writing a blog post about it, don't know how it happened nor do I really care; just want to say thanks to all of the artist that night. 

After going to this event presented by Rhyme Street-held at Silk City Diner; (Host: Myke Storm, DJ: Benzi Musiq) I opened my eyes to a whole new chapter in my life; all this because I was simply asked by a friend to take pictures of the event. 
Not going to lie though, I was pretty nervous mostly because I didn't own a fancy camera or fancy lenses that would produce the most amazing shots ever witness by man kind. Yet I decided to accept the offer anyways despite my fear of being ridiculed, and shot everything like my life depended on it all while being fueled and driven by the tunes and lyrics of these wonderful artists each time they got on stage, all different in their respected ways.

Lets just say, it was a really [ different ] night to everything I usually experienced. 

Some final thoughts about this event; Though I'm not musically talented to comment let alone critique on each artist work individually, I can honestly say that this is a whole other level of hip-hop that more people need to hear, or at least experience at least once if anything else.

-Skraps Inc.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Goodies prt 1.

I would like everyone of my readers(?) to know, I am that annoying person who takes pictures of my breakfast/lunch/dinner every DAMN time. I know, I know it's a horrible habit and it must be awfully annoying to everyone but I just really love to capture everything around me, especially the food and restaurant (even more so if it's cute/gorgeous/ect)

But it isn't like a quick shoot and done, I always tend to linger and wait for that perfect moment. Seriously I have tell myself sometimes 'your food isn't going to run off, just get cold' but I can't help it, really cant.  
Close ups are my absolute favorite cause then you get that dreamy buttery bokeh background, so if you see me leaning in close to my dinner with my camera at hand, don't be to surprised

So here I present to you some images of my eating/drinking habits over the early year of 2013, I'll probably post more goodies later on in the next month or two, give us a time to bond and peek into my life; but really it's an excuse so I can take more delicious food porn pictures.

-Skraps Inc

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Her name is Terrordactor
She doesn't like people food, except sweets
She likes soft things, and the occasional hugs
She is my flufferbutt, and I love her.

Dear Readers, do you remember when I mentioned the kittens we fostered? Well we kept one after her buyer was a no show, and she has then since grown on me. She's rather large for being five-six months I'm wondering how much bigger can she become? I enjoy taking pictures of her, especially since I still have all her "baby" pictures as well so when I feel like getting 'nostalgic' I just whip them out and remember all the fun I had raising her and her brother/sisters too.

I guess I enjoy staring at pictures taken too, because it reminds me that time flies by in a blink of an eye, and it's the perfect reminder to cherish each moment.