Thursday, May 31, 2012


Slowly getting a feel for my blog and blogging today, in fact it is not as ugly as it was yesterday so I'm satisfied.

← Terrible Image I know. 

But my sunglasses arrived today from Warby Parker and it thrills me to say that not only were they were wonderful to deal with but the quality of my prescription sunglasses are amazing, so it's safe to say that I can't wait to order another pair or two from them! For now this lovely pair of mine will certainly do on my two week vacation in Vermont.

This weekend I will possibly be running around to make sure everything is in order before I head to my destination. While I am gone I will try my hardest to continue to blog but if you enjoy pictures then by all means follow my Instagram I update almost daily; sneak peek into my extra ordinary life and what not.

With that said and done I hope everyone has a lovely weekend !! 

-Skraps Inc. ♥



  1. Love the sunnies! isnt it great that you can get rad lookign sunglasses in perscription!?

    1. Thank you! Happy to say it's day two with them and I'm still loving them, so many pros to having sunglasses with your prescription too!