Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Even with the help of exercise, work, art, and sewing I can't sleep.
I'm awake all night, relying on an hour or two nap during the afternoon.
I exercise, my body is sore. 
I'm physically tired, but mentally I'm still ready to do something. 
My mind is reeling, turning, winding like clock work. 
I wish I knew how to unwind.♥

If I'm lucky I sleep at 4am then wake up at 10am. 

How do you get to sleep at night?
I hear some people drink warm milk, and to be honest that doesn't sound appetizing. 
What about certain teas?
Any "rituals" one does before sleeping?
Do you have to turn everything off, or do some of you prefer a nightlight?
Do you prefer many pillows, one pillow, or none? 

-Skraps Inc. 


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