Thursday, March 14, 2013

Goodies prt 1.

I would like everyone of my readers(?) to know, I am that annoying person who takes pictures of my breakfast/lunch/dinner every DAMN time. I know, I know it's a horrible habit and it must be awfully annoying to everyone but I just really love to capture everything around me, especially the food and restaurant (even more so if it's cute/gorgeous/ect)

But it isn't like a quick shoot and done, I always tend to linger and wait for that perfect moment. Seriously I have tell myself sometimes 'your food isn't going to run off, just get cold' but I can't help it, really cant.  
Close ups are my absolute favorite cause then you get that dreamy buttery bokeh background, so if you see me leaning in close to my dinner with my camera at hand, don't be to surprised

So here I present to you some images of my eating/drinking habits over the early year of 2013, I'll probably post more goodies later on in the next month or two, give us a time to bond and peek into my life; but really it's an excuse so I can take more delicious food porn pictures.

-Skraps Inc

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